Kingsbridge Community College

Year 7 Transition work



This is a course of learning to help Year 6 learners prepare for starting Year 7 in September. It contains a set of lessons. These contain sets of questions on a given topic. Each question has its own help video in case of difficulties. They are created by Sparx, an Exeter based company that we work closely with at Kingsbridge Community College. We currently use Sparx for our maths home learning and have been impressed by the high quality of the videos and questions. These resources are based on the same materials and will help you familiarised yourself with this platform ready for your September start.


Extension: This contains revision activities. This is a resource to support KS3 and GCSE Maths learning – it would be appropriate for learners needing a higher level of challenge.


The Science department at KCC have produced some welcome videos to show you around the science department and their amazing labs. Follow the 'YouTube' link above and watch the videos, there are two sessions to then complete once you have watched them.


Extension: This is an online interactive lab where students can have a go and complete some interactive online experiments.


The English department at KCC have produced some lessons to introduce you to our style of learning at KCC. In them you will be exploring your fantasy writing and producing your best piece of written work which will be passed onto your new English teacher at KCC.


Lesson 1 (Verbs and Settings): 


Lesson 2 (Adverbials and Characters): 

Lesson 3 (Subordinate Clauses):

Lesson 4 (Semi-colons):

PSHE – Personal, Social, Health, Economic Education

Moving to secondary school sometimes can be a bit worrying for children and that is completely normal. Follow this PowerPoint through and complete the worksheet that goes with it will help you get yourself ready for your next step to KCC.