Blackawton Primary visit from Devon Wildlife Trust

May 31, 2018

Team Nurture, at Blackawton Primary had a lovely day out visiting Lady's Wood and Pennaton Meadow. They were very lucky to be joined by Jackie Gage, from the Devon Wildlife Trust, who showed them places that dormice may live. As Jackie has a special licence we were able to have a peek inside a few dormouse boxes but unfortunately it was a bit too early in the year to find a dormouse nest. They were however fortunate to find a nest of baby birds inside one of the dormouse's nest. 

The children also searched and spotted beetles, spider, millipedes, hazelnuts, wild garlic, bluebells - a truly stunning display - a greater spotted woodpecker and much more. They learnt about the local natural environment and the importance of protecting it's wildlife.

After visiting the wood they then went into Mrs Burris' field - Pennaton Meadow - for a picnic and a play in the stream; before finishing off the afternoon with obligatory hot chocolate with water boiled in our kelly kettles.




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