Kingsbridge Community College Raise Over £200

February 12, 2019

Kingsbridge Community College PTFA Raise Over £200 for the school.


The Parent, Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA) at Kingsbridge Community College have once again been actively raising money for the school.


They appealed to fellow parents and staff to donate clothes and textiles, which were then passed on to Bag 2 school, who weigh the donations and pay the school for their contribution. The charity has paid over £30 million to schools across the UK, including paying over £200 to Kingsbridge Community College over the last year.


A member of the Kingsbridge Community College PTFA, Suzanne Thomas, commented that ‘With reductions in public funding for schools it is vital that the PTFA do what they can in order to raise money for our children’s education. The amazing thing about this appeal is that every child in the school will benefit with the money raised going towards better resources to support their education.’


The PTFA are always looking at new ways to raise money for Kingsbridge Community College, to further support students.


They would like to thank everyone who donated to this appeal.




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