Kingsbridge Community College English Trip To London

May 21, 2019

Written by Year 13 student, Kingsbridge Community College


I recently attended the trip run by Kingbridge Community College for Sixth Form students studying English Literature. We travelled to London by train early on Thursday morning, enabling us to make the most of the opportunity presented by the trip.


The purpose of this trip was to allow us to experience the many iconic sights of London which are referenced in books that we are studying such as Mrs Dalloway. We were also able to watch performances of shows and plays which are closely related to the course that we are studying. On Thursday evening, we ate in a restaurant, using the time to bond and for Year 12 and 13 students to get to know each other better, something that I think is crucial to enjoying and making the most of a trip. Following this, we watched ‘Hades Town’ at the National Theatre which not only increased our mythological knowledge, but was also one of the main highlights of the trip. The acting and use of staging were truly magnificent, making the performance exceptional.


On Friday morning, we decided to take a walk along the Thames before taking a guided tour of The Globe. This gave us the chance to take in popular sights such as the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, as well as visiting local markets for refreshments. After having an informative tour of The Globe (which is beautiful), we attended a performance of ‘Dr Faustus’ in the Sam Wanamaker theatre, situated beneath it. This performance enabled us to visualise and revise the content of the play that we have been studying. Furthermore, the atmosphere in this candlelit theatre was incomparable and brought the tragedy of the play to life; therefore, the performance was not just educational, but truly entertaining and a joy to watch.


My views are supported by others who attended the trip. For example, Georgia, a Year 13 student, said: “experiencing live productions of the plays enabled us to explore the authentic stagecraft and ambience of Shakespeare and Marlowe’s works – which is something you cannot experience in the classroom.” This clearly reflects the success of the trip in allowing us to embrace and further consolidate the learning that we have completed in the classroom. This is further supported by the views of the students from Year 12. Belle said that “seeing productions we are specifically studying enabled us as individuals to see the true meaning and messages of the texts come to life on stage.” Additionally, Maddie from Year 12 also commented that the trip was “engaging” and offered experiences that, again, couldn’t be learned “in the classroom”.


Overall, the trip was a big success, not only offering beneficial educational opportunities, but also allowing us to experience the culture and other activities available in London, such as visiting the Tate Modern and doing a little shopping.


The trip was wonderful to attend and wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of our teachers including Mr Davies, Ms Mant and Mrs Bromfield, for this, we would like to thank them.

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