Top grades for Coombeshead students

August 22, 2019

Students at Coombeshead are celebrating their GCSE results this week. We are incredibly proud of all of our students’ achievements but the following deserve particular mention for the effort they have put into their studies. Head boy, Rob Foxford, achieved the highest grade, 9, in  seven subjects, including in maths, English sciences and Computer Science.; Kim Carter, attained a Distinction in business along with three 9s, four 8s and one 7. Jake Dan achieved eight 7s and 2 6s. Lucia Le Caz achieved 4 9s, 4 8s and one 7. Cameron Passmore who achieved three 7s, three eights and 2 nines. Ella Sampson with one 7, three 8s, four 9s and Distinction in Business Level 2.  All of these grades were achieved across the whole range of subjects showing that students at a true inclusive, comprehensive school can achieve.


Outgoing Headteacher, Andrew Hulbert said, “The community should be very proud to have a school that continues to improve and deliver strong outcomes for young people, in a culture that develops the whole child and provides incredible opportunities to ensure all pupils have the chance to shape strong futures for themselves. I would like to thank all involved for their support; congratulate our wonderful year 11s on the results they have obtained and wish them well in their next steps.”


Over 2/3s of pupils at the school are now leaving year 11 with a pass in both English and Mathematics under the government’s new accountability measures; an increase of almost 20% in the last 4 years. Furthermore, over a 1/3 have secured at least a ‘good’ pass as defined by the Department for Education; an increase of almost 15% in the last two years. This will have a significant effect on the life chances of these young people and all who worked hard to achieve this should be congratulated.


In addition to the success in the traditional core subjects other subject areas performed well and will be above national averages when all the information is collated in the Autumn. English, Science, History, BTEC Sport and Drama all stood out with exceptional performance.


Executive Principal of Education South West, Matthew Shanks, commented, “The 2019 GCSE results have seen great improvements at Teign School who are today celebrating their best ever results and further improvements at Coombeshead Academy. These outcomes are the result of running inclusive schools the right way; combined with hard work, discipline and dedication from all staff, parents, carers and, of course, the students themselves! These strong outcomes will support bright futures for the young people in our community and help our communities to become stronger.”


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