Our Purpose:


We educate children so they can lead great lives.



Our values


Expect the best


The relentless pursuit of excellence drives every aspect of our work. We understand that this is a journey best undertaken by working closely with others within Education South West and beyond.


Challenge and pace are integral to our culture.  We support students and staff to rise to that challenge, and feel the joy and satisfaction that comes when we are working at our best.


Learners with character


Our staff are committed to continuous improvement. We support them with high-quality, tailored programmes of professional development whatever their role and stage in their career. 


We inspire students to develop the knowledge and character that enable them to leave school ready to lead rewarding lives in a rapidly changing world. Cultural, sporting and artistic experiences help them discover their full potential. They further develop character through a resilient, determined and positive response to challenge. We want students to leave with the academic qualifications, skills and personal attributes that open doors to a fulfilling future. 


Care about people and the environment


To be caring and considerate, kind and respectful is at the heart of everything we do. We carefully nurture the centrality of such relationships with others in our schools, with parents, our local and, ultimately, our global communities. 


Caring for people leads us to care for our environment. This starts with our own schools and ends with our planet. The curriculum we follow and the attitudes we nurture are our contribution to a sustainable future.



Everyone is a leader


Our students are the leaders of tomorrow. We create rich opportunities for students to work in teams and learn by leading.


Every member of staff in every school is a role model. We all influence, challenge and inspire the young people around us through our words and actions. We recognise that the best leadership releases the potential in others, and builds  the possibility of great lives  for us all. 

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Education South West

Kingsbridge Community College

Balkwill Road



Tel: 01548 852641

Email: admin@educationsouthwest.org.uk

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